The Goths are an outlandish genre-bending duo with an unparalleled penchant for storytelling. Formed in 1987 in Brisbane, Australia, the band is comprised of singer-songwriters Percy Blakeney and Johnny Stowmarries. As their name suggests, The Goths’ brand manifests itself as Elizabethan revelry, tinged with a gothic presence and costume drama to create The Goths’ signature style. Their sound can only be described as gothic schlock rock, using brute emotional impact to deliver a wave of catharsis wrapped in a veneer of dark instrumentation. This distinctive sound was born after The Goths’ 1987 residency in The Bohemian Café, performing every weekend to Australia’s goth community. 


The Goths are incredible at storytelling. Many of their songs draw from solid genres of the literary canon but are reinvented in a way that feels fresh, as well as nostalgic. This is apparent in tracks like ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Black Laugh’, reworking historical literature to bring Gothic tales into the contemporary. It’s no surprise then, that their music is widely enjoyed. In March 2015, The Goths were awarded the MuSlate Artist of The Week for their song ‘Neck Romancer’, after it reached 10 million views on YouTube. Songwriter Johnny Stowmarries has over 40 years of songwriting experience, demonstrating his trademark masterful lyricism throughout The Goths’ discography. The rhapsodic vein of their music was furthered after the duo went on hiatus in 1993 and returned in 2013 to collaborate with award-winning producer James North. 


The Goths are still rockin’ out, and their ten comeback songs released in 2018 are just the beginning of this band’s gothic takeover of the pop-rock scene. 



– Biography by Gem Stokes (Music Editor at and