The Goths are an indie gothic pop-rock duo from Brisbane, Australia, formed in 1987, by singer-songwriters Percy Blakeney (vocals, bass) and Johnny Stowmarries (vocals, guitar, keyboards).


The band’s moniker is a reference to the Gothic tale, a style of writing which tells tales that more often than not have a supernatural element to them or that fall into the category of the traditional ghost story, both of which were popular in the Victorian era. The Goths sound is a unique blend of ambient pop and mainstream goth rock, featuring melancholy guitar and evocative lyrics.


From the late 80s, when they first secured a longstanding nocturnal residency at the now-defunct Bohemian Cafe on Elizabeth Street in Brisbane, their shows bloomed through early 90’s inner-city venues including The Sitting Duck and The Dead Rat. The Goths were also one of the first performing acts at Brisbane’s iconic long-running venue The Zoo. 


The duo went on hiatus in 1993 shortly after producing a film clip for their instrumental entitled ‘Grave Rock’ recorded at Grevillea Studios. After long periods of sporadic contact between Blakeney and Stowmarries, The Goths finally re-entered the studio in 2013. They enlisted award-winning producer James North to revive the extensive back catalogue from their early career. 


In 2018, ten debut songs were released on contemporary digital platforms: ‘Citadel’, ‘Crusade’, ‘Gloom’, ‘Midnight’, ‘Neck Romancer’, ‘Put It On’, ‘Skin Feature’, ‘Smashed’, ‘Tree’ and ‘Wilderness’, with many more to follow.